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Overdyed Rugs

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Overdyed Rugs: A Clever Décor Solution

Overdyed Rugs collectionVintage Anatolian rugs have a distinctive charm that makes them irresistible to homeowners around the world. Their gorgeous colors and attractive designs instantly brighten up any space and their flawless craftsmanship is absolutely impressive. 

The only thing that stops many people from buying these stunning masterpieces is the fact that the vintage look may not fit so well with their existing décor, especially if the décor style is modern contemporary or floral country. 

Fortunately, there is a fabulous solution that allows you to place one of these beautiful floor coverings in any room no matter what style it has been done up in. The secret lies in using overdyed vintage rugs, which are versatile and blend in well with all kinds of interiors. Overdyed rugs are Anatolian rugs that have been put through a special process so that the colors are softer without compromising the original appearance. 


The overdyeing process

overdyed rugs in room

Overdyeing is a specialized process that mimics the process of ageing but in a shorter time frame. Think of it as a ‘fast forward’ process. Rugs that are put through this process are also often called distressed rugs

To give the rug a distressed look, the pile is first trimmed down. The length to which is it is trimmed depends on the desired outcome. Some rugs are trimmed just a little bit and others are sheared right down so they have just minimum pile height. 

After the pile has been cut to the desired height, it is then ready to be neutralized. During this process, the original bright colors of the rug are either softened to lighter shades or they are totally stone washed. Interestingly, although stone washing removes all of the original colors, it retains the pattern outlines so the design of the rug is not compromised in any way. 

Skilled craftsmen now work to color the rug using the pattern outlines as a guide and high quality, nontoxic dyes from Europe. Again, the technique used depends on the desired outcome. For a monochromatic look, the rug is dipped into just one dye vat. The number of times it is dipped into the dye vat will influence the richness of the final shade – one dip will give it a pale look, which is the most popular and every subsequent dip into the dye will add another darker shade. 

Block color and multi-tonal effects can also be created using a variety of methods and multiple dye vats containing different shades. 
To set the colors so that they last long, the distressed rug is laundered and dried using a traditional process that has been proven to work over the years.


The difference between overdyed rugs and modern rugs

overdyed rug at the hotel lobbySo why buy overdyed rugs? Admittedly, if you are looking for floor covering that complements your modern interior décor, the simplest solution would actually be to buy a modern rug. But then, there’s nothing special about a modern rug, is it? 

Modern rugs are machine made and the same design is used in creating several pieces so you will never own a truly unique piece. Also, machine-made rugs are just plain blah! They may be cheaper but they lack the unique character and warmth that is so characteristic of their hand-made counterparts. 

Hand-woven rugs are a true labor of love, knotted painstakingly by nimble fingers over several weeks or even months. Moreover, only antique rugs, which were manufactured before 1920 and vintage rugs, which were manufactured between 1920 and 1970 are overdyed. With such an old piece, you know it’s certainly been places and seen things, which lifts it up from being ‘just a floor covering’ to a fantastic conversation piece.

Another fascinating aspect of upcycled rugs is that they almost never have the perfect finish of a machine made modern rug. Instead of lowering the value of the rug, these little imperfections actually increase their worth because they are proof that the rug has been hand-made and it has seen plenty of wear and tear over the years. 


Two more significant differences between overdyed rugs and modern rugs

Take a look at two more major differences between overdyed rugs and their machine made counterparts.

When you are buy a Turkish overdyed rug you are in fact recycling and reusing, which are integral to the concept of being environmental friendly. 

Buying an upcyled rug will set you back much less as compared to a brand new modern rug.  


A look at patchwork overdyed rugs

Patchwork rug in a roomIf you are looking for something that’s truly different, you should consider patchwork overdyed rugs, in which smaller pieces are joined together to create a new piece with a patchwork look. The craftsmen give free rein to their imagination when working on these pieces. They create some patchwork rugs using colorful pieces that clash, while others are created using the same shades for a more subdued look. 

The pieces are joined by a thick yarn, which adds character and strength to the finished piece. A sturdy cotton backing helps to reinforce the completed rug. 

A patchwork rug is like a nicely put-together collage that offers an interesting look into a wide range of patterns and techniques. If this is a concept that appeals to you, you can even get one custom-made to your specifications in terms of colors and size.  




Using overdyed rugs 

Patchwork rug in a roomWhile there are no rules when it comes to using Turkish overdyed rugs in any room, these suggestions may help you spark off a few ideas of your own. 

A rug that is going to be placed in a room that is done up in bright colors, should preferably match the existing tones. Clashing tones tend to create a look that is too busy and not very appealing. 

On the other hand, you can choose any type of rug for a room that is done up in neutral shades and clean lines as there is no risk of colors clashing. 

Whatever the ambience you wish to create in the room, you can achieve it with the right choice of flooring.   




Buying overdyed rugs

Overdyed Rug in a room

While overdyed vintage rugs are easily available today worldwide, it is advisable to buy only those that originated from Turkey. This is because this is an art form that has been passed on from one generation to another and Turkish weavers inherently understand it better than their non-Turkish counterparts. Moreover, people from Turkey have always deeply believed in recycling and reusing and they’ve been creating overdyed rugs for decades not for financial gain but solely for the sake of repurposing. When you insist on buying Turkish overdyed rugs, you are doing your part towards environmental conservation. 

At  our Overdyed Section you can learn more about these gorgeous rugs while also checking out our magnificent selection of rugs.

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