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Our Rugs at The Chateau Lambousa Hotel

Posted by Savas 17/07/2014 0 Comment(s) Rugs In Use,

The Chateau Lambousa Hotel in North Cyprus has chosen 4 of our rugs to warm up the lobby and the Hotel Manager's room.


The first rug is laid under the vintage coffee table by the lobby. The claret-red Overdyed vintage rug immediately changed the atmosphere of the lobby; adding warmth and sincerity to the wide area. The chestnut brown Patchwork rug was put in the left most corner of the lobby, facing the beautiful courtyard with the pool. A perfect spot to have a drink while enjoying the view. Finally, the undyed Natural patchwork rug was put by the piano. The turqoise patchwork rug was used in the office behind the lobby. 



Claret Red Overdyed Rug

Claret Red Overdyed Rug at Chateau Lambousa HotelThis 120x210 cm. sized Claret Red Overdyed rug, was laid under the coffee table by the lobby of the hotel. The leather seats, overlooking the pool, now look more attached to the lobby area, with the added warmth by the overdyed rug. Once full of colors and patterns, the sheared and bleached tradiitonal rug was dyed with clraet red dyes, allowing the underlying shades of the original pattern to slightly show.



Undyed Patchwork Overdyed Rug

Undyed Patchwrok rug at the chateau lambousa hotel180x250 cm. Natural undyed patchwork rug with shades of brown and beige was placed by the piano. This particular rug is made from patches of handmade rugs; which were sheared and soft washed to retain their original colors and patterns, achieving a modern rug, while keeping the tribal touches. This retro style rug with beige, brown and green tones is in complete harmony witht he leather sofas.



Chestnut Brown Patchwork Rug

The third rug by the windowed area looking at the courtyard is a chestnut brown patchwork rug sized 180x250 cm. The rug is surrounded by 4 berger seats with a lovely vintage coffe table in the middle. The chestnut brown patchwork rug was created by stitching together pieces of brown overdyed rugs, using a light brown cotton thread, backed by cotton twill.



Turquoise Blue Patchwork Rug

Lastly, the turquoise patchwork rug was placed at the hotel manager's room. The room's aqua concept, along with the skyblue ceiling welcomed this 4.5 square metre blue patchwork rug. As the rug was laid on the floor, it immediately enhanced the comforting atmosphere of the well lit room.



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